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Pelion is a part of Greece that is filled with interesting and exciting things to do and places to see. From ski and winter sports at the famous Agriolefkes ski centre, to trekking and excursions by 4x4, there is always something for everyone to do and enjoy in and around Pelion.
At the "Arhontiko Belian" we are very happy to be able to organise for our guests a fantastic selection of activities, that will be full of interest, fun and inspiration.

Throughout the year, one can always take part in adventure and activities here in Pelion, and this is one of the reasons that Pelion is so popular, all year round. From water sports during the summer, to ski trekking in the winter, you will always be able to experience a wide selection of activities in Pelion.

Below you will find information about some of the activities that we at the "Arhontiko Belian" can help organise, which we are sure will make your Pelion experience all that more exciting and interesting.
At a distance of 100meters from the Traditional Mansion Belian lies the magnificent beach, which compliments your holidays with the best way. The crystal clear water is very clean and rich in fish. This means that you will have the chance for fishing with rods or even with a boat. Out in the open sea you can see early, in the morning or at sunset, groups of dolphins that swim through these waters. The beach has rich vegetation, and golden sand that turns to pearly white tiny pebbles as it reaches the water.

Although this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pelion, it is a remote and isolated beach, that is not very busy, making it ideal for peace and relaxing under the summer sun. If you have the necessary equipment for water sports, you can bring it here by the sea with a boat from Kalamos village. The beach here is ideal for water sports. This beach is very tranquil and as you walk along the water you will find small shells and beautiful pebbles, ideal for a collection or summer souvenirs from your holidays.

If you have with you food and water you can have a nice picnic and stay all day, as the trees offer shade during the hottest hours of the day. Watching the sunset on this beach is a magnificent and tranquil experience, and if you are lucky you can see the dolphins passing, adding a remarkable feeling to whole setting.

Belian is small but picturesque hamlet of Pelion, surrounded by green and rich vegetation. It is a small paradise ideal for walks and trekking, as through the natural paths you can explore and discover picturesque and quiet beaches, magnificent sceneries with beautiful views, and most of all warm smiles and a welcoming atmosphere.
Pelion Greece Holidays Accommodation - Natural Holidays Pelion
Pelion Greece Holidays Accommodation - Natural Holidays Pelion
Pelion Greece Holidays Accommodation - Natural Holidays Pelion
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Having water supplies and wearing proper walking shoes, you can follow the path that runs parallel to the sea, leading to the villages Paou, Lefokastro with its stone built arched bridge, up to the village of Kalamos, where you can stop for a nice meal at one of the traditional taverns that are situated next to sea. The path goes through mountain vegetation and olive trees, giving you the chance to sample Pelion nature, while its herbs, forest fruits and plants create a peaceful and tranquil environment.

At some points the distance of the path from the sea varies from 5 to 20 meters, offering a magnificent view towards the crystal waters of the Pagasitic Gulf, which alternates with the greenery and the blue sky.

One of the most unique and adventurous ways to explore and appreciate the nature and magic of Pelion. These 4x4 excursions will take you around Pelion, across rugged paths and over the mountains that one would not be able to do in a regular vehicle. These 4x4 excursions are extremely popular, and offer a true adventure, which will stay with you forever.

Another unique way of exploring Pelion is by horse. We can organise groups for horse trekking excursions, where you will be able to wonder around some very secluded and beautiful parts of the region.

The famous steam train of Pelion is one that has a great history behind it, and is an activity that every visitor to Pelion should take. This delightful steam train will take you on a journey through many villages of Pelion, over the stone-arched bridges, where you will see the stunning landscape and imagery that Pelion is so famous for.

During the winter months, visitors from all across Greece and beyond head to Pelion to enjoy winter sports and ski at the famous Pelion ski centre of Agriolefkes. This unique ski centre provides first rate facilities, as well as views and scenery that will both inspire and enchant you.

The neighbouring island of Skiathos, that forms the group known as the "Sporades" is one of the most beautiful and green islands in the whole country. Visitors here will enjoy peace, tranquility and picturesque views, that will be a treat for both the heart and the mind. These boat trips are perfect for a day trip for all the family.

We can also help with the rental of boats for our guests, where they can venture out into the Pagasitic Gulf, and enjoy some truly peaceful moments. All across the coast of Pelion, you can find empty deserted beaches, tranquil hamlets, and places where you can enjoy perfect moments, floating on the blue green waters.

If you would like any further information about these activities that we are able to organise for you, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Holidays Pelion Ski Apartments Trekking Pelion Hotels Pilio Argalasti Pelion Activities Pilio Volos Greece 4x4 Excursions Pelion

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Holidays Pelion Ski Apartments Trekking Pelion Hotels Pilio Argalasti Pelion Activities Pilio Volos Greece 4x4 Excursions Pelion
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